Massage Prices 
Our prices reflect the level of commitment we give our clients and the investment we make to ensure the best results.  We have senior massage therapists (Stacey and Viktoriya) and Junior (Cory) therapists. We work under the price brackets per below. Junior rates are listed first and Senior rates are listed second. All 30 Minute massages are the same for all therapists except Stacey Marie.

30 Minutes = $55.00 (including Prenatal, Junior and Senior rates)
30 Minute Senior (65YO+) = $50
30 Minute Student (under 21YO) = $45.00

60 Minutes = $95/$105.00 Stacey Marie (including prenatal)
60 Minute Senior (65YO+) = $85/$95 Stacey Marie
60 Minute Student (under 21YO) = $85/$95.00 Stacey Marie

90 Minutes = $130/$140.00 Stacey Marie (including prenatal)
90 Minute Senior (65YO+) = $120/$130 Stacey Marie
90 Minute Student (under 18YO) = $120/$130.00 Stacey Marie