We offer prenatal & postnatal massage to the local coastal communities.  Stacey Marie has been trained by Carol Osborne and have been a prenatal massage therapist for many years.  Viktoriya has also been trained for prenatal massage and integrates some of her knowledge from Chinese medicine in each massage.

We understand how pregnancy changes your body and we know massage techniques that can be helpful.  Therefore, we offer 1.5hr pregnancy massage because we want to make sure we have time for you to relax and receive the benefits of this special massage.

We have body pillows, soft bolsters and a lot of props to make you comfortable.  We use organic coconut & Jojoba Oil to make your skin soft and hydrated.

We will use a variety positions including side lying and semi reclining to ensure you and your baby are comfortable We are trained to reduce swelling in the ankles and hands and reduce pressure in the low back and sacrum.